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Are there REALLY rat droppings in hot dogs or is it a myth?

My wife is convinced that there is a certain amount of rat droppings legally allowed in hot dogs. She is also quite certain that they are legally allowed to use meat and scraps dropped on the floor. They can just sweep it up and throw it in. Is any of this true or just a myth? What about those Hebrew Kosher dogs? Are they better in this regard?Are there REALLY rat droppings in hot dogs or is it a myth?
The amounts of non-food particles allowed are measured in ';parts-per-billion'; which means odds are you're actually breathing in more rat poo and rodent hair walking down the street than you get in a hot dog. And by the way, these thing are allowed in other foods as well. And as for the the meat being swept off the floor and the other horror stories you hear about hotdog meat, well it WAS true over a hundred years ago. But Upton Sinclair wrote the book ';The Jungle'; and as a result several government agencies were formed to oversee the manufacture and preparation of food in this country (including the FDA). And now these things aren't done. And by the way (again) hamburger and other meat was written about in ';The Jungle'; but everybody focuses on the poor frankfurter.Are there REALLY rat droppings in hot dogs or is it a myth?
I have heard that there is a specific amount of rodent droppings, insect parts, cobwebs, etc. that are allowed into all processed foods. It's simply impossible to keep all contaminants out. However, just because trace amounts of icky stuff is allowed into food, this doesn't mean that it's actually in every hot dog you consume.

For the actual rules and regulations, try the United States Department of Agriculture Food Safety and Inspection Service web site:

General policies:;_P鈥?/a>

Hot dog info:鈥?/a>
Sinclair wrote about human meat being in beef/animal products. Even though this is 100 years later, listen to your better half. She is very wise!
definitely not. it may be leftover meat from the worst parts of the animal but certainly not the nasty things you said
Probably a myth.

I always heard that hot dogs were made with lips and buttholes of a pig.
Its probably true
Yeah, it's actually true. There are rat droppings.

I love hot dogs,
i have no idea but i sure as hell hope not EWWWWWWWWWW!!!
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