Sunday, February 7, 2010

Best way to clean up cat urine and droppings?

ok so this kitten i have decides to use the floor more then the litter box. im not home as it happens so i can't control it well. but today i have been cleaning and going threw every detail of my bedroom and bathroom from the floor, carpet, everything. i threw out 90% of the items out that i couldn't save. i'm washing what ever clothes did not go in the garbage with hot water (heavy soil level).

my question is how do i clean it up the most effective way possible. i have specific cat urine cleaner, non toxic and ammonia free but i don't think it does the trick. and has anyone ever tried using vinegar?

other then pulling the carpets up, any specific products that are 100% animal safe, ammonia free, that work? tips or tricks?Best way to clean up cat urine and droppings?
Hi, you need an enzyme based cleaner. Professional carpet cleaners can really help on that.

Some of the pet cleaning products from Pet Smart have enzymes. Before you dry the clothes you washed, re-wash them with some of the enzyme cleaner in them. Regular soap or bleach won't do it.

Check out the Petsmart website - and click on Cats, then Odor and Stain removal. There are a number of products there that will help.

You may want to take your kitty in to the vet to see if there is anything going on with him/her. Check these links out:鈥?/a>

It could be that the cat's just upset at being left home alone during the day. You may want to pick up some interesting toys at the pet store when you go to buy the enzyme cleaner. Oh, and clean the floor around the litter box, if the cat's been using that too. If they can smell previous urine on a specific spot, they'll go on that spot again.

Good luck!Best way to clean up cat urine and droppings?
Yes, I've used vinegar many, many times over the years,.. it's my preferred choice,.. being it's natural and does have disinfectant properties and effective.


You can add a little baking soda to the vinegar/water mix, will have a bit of chemical reaction and fizz. Neutralizes.
I've been through the same thing, too. :(

Vinegar solution actually works to keep down the odour, and kitty was less likely to pee in the same spot. I simply mopped up the mess with vinegar and water solution.

(I've also heard a lot of good things about Nature's Miracle, which is designed for that purpose. I have not tried it, though.)

But what really solved the litterbox-training problem was an extra litterbox (at least 2 litterboxes is recommended). My fussy kitty pees in one box, and poos in the other. And it's great when you're not around, too.

Make sure the litterboxes are in a private place.

Simply use soap and warm water to wash it. My mistake was using bleach, and kitty didn't like the smell.

Hope this has helped.
I am so sorry for your mess.

I would suggest keeping the kitten in the closed bathroom with food, water, and litterbox while you are away. This would help cat focus on box and reduce the difficulty of cleaning.鈥?/a>

This site has good information on cleaning cat urine from carpet.

Best Wishes.
Use Baking soda

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